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The Titeux Dancer - Item #41

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8.25 Inches High x 4 Inches Wide x 3 Inches Deep

This piece was once thought to be a Tanagra Figurine, which were terracotta pieces found in excavating the ancient City of Tanagra. Numerous studies have determined that this statuette was created earlier, around 375-350 B.C.E., and was made in the historical Attic region of Greece which encompassed Athens. The subject may be a dancer, bride, or nymph, but in any case, its function and meaning are still debated today. "Titeux" is the name of the sculpture's first owner after its discovery in 1846 at the Acropolis. 


Museum: Louvre Museum, Paris

Origin: The Acropolis, Athens, Greece

Time Period: Ancient Greek, 375-350 B.C.E.

1911 Catalog ID # - 1525



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