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The Three Graces - Item #810

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25 Inches High x 9 Inches Wide x 9 Inches Deep

The original, with an urn and large pedestal, is known as the Monument of the Heart of Henry II. It was commissioned in 1561 by Queen Catherine de' Medici for her late husband, King Henry II of France. One of the greatest French sculptors of the 16th century, Germain Pilon (c. 1525-1590) carved the Three Graces out of one block of marble. The figures recall antique sculpture and are also infused with the contemporary style of Mannerism. Italian sculptor Domenico del Barbiere created the intricate, triangular pedestal and provided the model for the bronze urn which once held Henry's heart. The urn was unfortunately melted down during the Revolution and replaced by a gilded wood copy. The monument was located in the church of the Celestine monastery in Paris before being acquired by the Louvre Museum.


Artist: Germain Pilon

Museum: Louvre Museum, Paris

Time Period: Renaissance, 1561

1911 Catalog ID # - 2945



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