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Happy April Fools’ Day!
We are not here to fool you, we promise—but we can fool your eye! Have you taken a look at the different patinas we offer for our Caproni casts? Even if you are not planning on purchasing a piece at the moment, you may enjoy learning about the variations of color that our pieces can be finished in.
A patina is the treatment to the surface of the sculpture, creating coloration and quite often enhancing the form. To create a patina, the raw white plaster is custom finished by hand with pigments and often waxes. They are applied with a brush, and sometimes darker pigments are wiped off before they set so that the raised parts of a piece can be highlighted. The patina of a plaster or resin cast can mimic the look of marble, metal, stone, or terra cotta—that’s where the April Fools' comes in!

We wanted to showcase a small selection of our patina choices, which can be applied to any of our pieces. To view the full selection, look here.

FLAT WHITE: A unified, matte white finish. This is the optimum patina for cast drawing as it allows focus on form. If you think this is a strange example to start with since it looks like it’s just the raw plaster it's cast in, we’ve fooled you already! In reality the plaster has a lot of variation in tone, and so we finish it to be more even and also to protect the surface.


TERRA COTTA: A variation of warm tones to resemble terra cotta. Like the rooftops in Italy or a fired bust from long ago, this patina can conjure up memories of trips abroad.

ANTIQUE PLASTER: A dramatic mixture of grays and yellows to replicate the look of an aged plaster cast. This patina is inspired by our very own Caproni antiques! We also offer a lighter version of this, called "Light Antique Plaster."

BRONZE: A rich brown finish with golden highlights to replicate the look of bronze. We work in bronzes as well and have an intimate knowledge of the depth of tone that comes with that material. Sometimes we even fool ourselves with this patina, and have to tap it with a fingernail to see if it’s truly bronze, or plaster underneath!

We hope you enjoyed learning more about how we fool the eye! We are always happy to help you choose the patina that is right for your space and sculpture.
Kind regards,
Robert, Kathleen, Kayla and Lisa


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