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We create objects of timeless beauty for you to enjoy. Our aim is to allow individuals to enjoy a masterpiece in their own space, to preserve a historic collection, and to foster an appreciation of art. Read more about the collection here.


This place is a real gem. When I arrived I was greeted warmly and taken on a tour of their studio. I was amazed at the bulk of their collection. One could tell that The Giust Gallery [now the Caproni Collection] really took pride in the work. They took time with me to thoroughly explain each step of their working practices. Later they described a little about their history in the States and how they came to acquire all of these wonderful molds.

Brian M., artist, Massachusetts, USA 

I received the Belvedere Torso and I love it!!! It surpasses even what I had hoped for!

Joanne J., Virginia, USA

Thank you for your careful packing of the Nefertiti bust. She arrived intact and is beautiful. Many thanks. I am told I am not allowed to look at your website again as it is so tempting.

Bede S., New Zealand

The busts are a joy each time I enter the library.

Mervyn K., United Kingdom

You probably have no idea how important this is to me, to be able to get your beautiful casts into my school for my students in Australia. As you’re aware my atelier school is ARC Approved and it’s important to me to maintain the highest teaching standards for my students. This means having a good cast collection. It is difficult to do from Australia but with your help I’ll get there.

Rob G., artist, Australia

I wanted to send you a note to thank you for the beautiful Beethoven bust you made for me. Beautiful craftsmanship and a joy for the family to look at every day!

Christian R., Denmark

I received the Athena—absolutely beautiful! Fantastic work.

David D., Pennsylvania, USA

It looks absolutely wonderful! Your gallery did an amazing job with it. The coloration is great. I was extremely impressed by the overall workmanship and quality of the piece. Absolutely fantastic...and quite stunning! The packing of the piece was also terrific! Thank you so much!! It's a great pleasure working with you and your gallery. I'm so happy with the way everything turned out.

Chris S., Arizona, USA

So today I received the Victory, and she’s absolutely gorgeous!!!

Laura N., artist, Nebraska, USA

I've been to a lot of museums, both here in the US and abroad, but one of my favorite "art memories" was being at your gallery in Woburn. It's like a treasure trove of extraordinary sculpture from a wide range of art history, and I wanted to take home one of everything. I bought six small pieces for my studio to use for drawing practice, and just having them in the room is an inspiration. Just looking at "David's ear" reminds me of Michelangelo's genius and his tremendous body of work. When I'm at one of those stages of being at a loss for "what to do next?," I sketch one or two of the pieces, or do a longer study. It's like a warming up exercise for an athlete, and so much better than just walking out the door and giving up. Thank you for your work.

Caroline M., artist, Massachusetts, USA

I have read reviews, searched the Internet, and consulted artists and discussed this with my teachers, and I have concluded that your collection of cast reproductions are of very high quality. I admire that you have kept up the tradition of academic drawing via plaster casts. I believe studying from casts is paramount to becoming an effective realist artist.

Damian T., Australia

My order just arrived in perfect condition and in excellent packaging...it is beautiful and everything I expected it to be.

William C., North Carolina, USA

My Eve sculpture by Rodin has found a ready-made home in front of a painting here in my living room on a table. I hadn't thought of placing it there but it now feels like a sculpture in the garden portrayed. Thanks much for the speedy service and safe delivery. I look forward to visiting your workshop when I'm next up that way.

Paul D., Washington, DC, USA

We received the Parthenon Frieze and will hang it up once we move into our new building. The cast was wrapped expertly and was in perfect condition! We "unveiled" the frieze to the admiration of our school principal and admin staff and toasted it with champagne! It's absolutely beautiful. A thousand thanks to you for working with us. We'll be ordering from you again as we acquire more magnificent art for our classical school.

Melissa D., Holy Child Catholic School, New Mexico, USA

Thank you for the beautiful foot sculpture, I’m very happy with it.

Esma D., California, USA

I just want to send a heartfelt message of gratitude! I absolutely adore the objects you’ve crafted, as do my students. Thanks again for your excellent craftsmanship and generosity.

Laura N., artist, Nebraska, USA

I want to thank you for the wonderful work of the ENTIRE team and for the marvelous addition to our home. I’ve sent photos of it to many friends and they all love it. As one said, “you are surrounded by beauty.” Thanks again. It was a pleasure working with you.

Verne C., Kansas, USA

I enjoy the Beethoven bust every day and I’m extremely satisfied with both the bust and the outstanding help and service you provided.

Christian R., Denmark

My Beethoven arrived today, safe and sound. WELL DONE! A most welcome addition to my home. Many, many thanks!

Nicholas C., Canada

I am so pleased with my casts that I have just ordered another one!

Lezlie M., Florida, USA

Just wanted to let you know the Athena bust and pedestal are settled into their new home. I’m extremely impressed by their quality and beauty! The sculpture especially has wonderful expressiveness - to me more balanced and serene than a Buddha head! Kudos to the Caproni artisans!

Gregg, USA

Just received my order, and I wanted to thank you so much for the beautiful work and excellent casts. These will be a pleasure to draw and to use in teaching. I look forward to obtaining more of your work in the future.

Elizabeth R. Whelan, artist, Massachusetts, USA

I received the Otricoli Zeus today. Just wanted to say thank you- I couldn't be happier with it or the Pallas Athena! I must have spent a couple years deliberating on the purchases (especially considering the size of the Otricoli Zeus), but as soon as I got it in the house I was extremely impressed. The Dark Stone patina is beautiful and helps temper its large size relative to the room I put it in. I've had a love for Greek art and architecture since college and have been interested in having a couple pieces ever since. These statues are just wonderful. Glad to have found your store!

Jacob S., Pennsylvania, USA  

I just received the geometric shapes set...Wow! It's so good! Great size and relative proportions. Thanks!

Curtis G., artist, California, USA

Just wanted to confirm that the Leaf Mask has arrived and it’s beautiful!!! Thanks again for your excellent craftsmanship and the super speedy delivery!!!

Laura N., artist, Nebraska, USA

I am so pleased, and very, very happy, with the most professional work that you have done with the statue! Absolutely marvelous!

Raymond R., Massachusetts, USA

Guess what I got today? Thank you so much. I had my head anatomy class this morning and shortly after lunch the skull cast showed up. Perfect timing to use it for some homework drawing. I love it. I also have a few of your other pieces. Really love all of them.

Cathy C., Canada

I operate a small teaching studio in Chicago focusing on representational drawing and painting. Cast drawing is part of what we do here, and we’ve purchased a handful of small casts from you in the past. Our catalog includes a number of online courses that we offer through our website and I’m currently planning one on cast drawing. Since the students taking this course won’t be in the studio, they’ll have to procure their own casts if they are to draw from life – which is recommended. Since the cast I’ll be drawing in the demonstration comes from your collection, I’m going to recommend my students buy from you as well.

David J., artist, Illinois, USA

The grandchildren helped him unwrap the Venus de’ Medici, whereupon he gave them a lecture about her. :) She was a huge hit. Thank you so much for the work and for your efforts to make this exactly what we wanted.

Janet G., Pennsylvania, USA

It arrived in perfect condition and has found its waiting place in my little studio! Thanks for the great service and this lovely cast.

Louise N., Canada

I am so happy with the piece, thank you, thank you! The cast and painting are beautiful!!

Tim B., California, USA

Thank you so much for the lovely relief pieces! It was like a second Christmas opening the packages. They will be wonderful inspiration in our studio.

Martha C., artist, Virginia, USA

I just wanted to let you know that I absolutely love my piece. You guys did an amazing job!

Joseph T., New York, USA


The Caproni Collection produces and sells plaster reproductions of famous sculptures. Every piece is made in-house and by-hand. They can be finished in a variety of patinas. We currently offer about 700 pieces in a wide range of sizes that span from ancient art to art of the early 20th century, and we are constantly reintroducing to the Collection once-lost Caproni pieces.


We hand cast all of our products onsite and use American-made materials, including plaster of Paris.


Ship anywhere, rates available at checkout. 


We offer a variety of patinas/finishes. Click for more details.