Patina Options

Each piece is custom finished. Depending on a sculpture’s texture and level of detail, the look of a patina can vary. A slight variation in color from order to order is to be expected.

Unless otherwise noted, our reproductions are hand cast in plaster and reinforced with burlap, fiber strands, and/or metal rods for extra strength.


FLAT WHITE: A unified, matte white finish. This is the optimum patina for cast drawing as it allows focus on form.

photo of cast of sculpture relief of robed figure, head now missing, reaching for her sandal in Flat White Patina on a dark gray background       

WHITE PATINA: A white finish with a light ivory tone added to the top surfaces.


LIGHT ANTIQUE PLASTER: A soft mixture of whites, grays, and yellows to replicate the look of an aged plaster cast.


ANTIQUE PLASTER: A dramatic mixture of grays and yellows to replicate the look of an aged plaster cast.


BRONZE: A rich brown finish with golden highlights to replicate the look of bronze.


STONE: A mixture of lighter tones to resemble natural stone.


DARK STONE: A mixture of darker tones to resemble natural stone.


SANDSTONE: A soft base color with warm highlights to resemble the look of natural sandstone.


TERRA COTTA: A variation of warm tones to resemble terra cotta.


ASSYRIAN STONE (Applies only to item numbers 3, 4, 5, 6 and 738): A two-tone patina augmenting the shallow relief sculpture and its stone texture.

TANAGRA PATINA (Applies only to item numbers 317, 318, 319, 320, 396 and 813): A finish that replicates the colors of the Tanagra figurines as shown in the product images.