We create objects of timeless beauty for you to enjoy.

Our aim is to allow individuals to enjoy a masterpiece in their own space, to preserve a historic collection, and to foster an appreciation of art.

The Caproni Collection (formerly the Giust Gallery) produces and sells plaster reproductions of famous sculptures. Every piece is made in-house and by hand. They can be finished in a variety of patinas. We currently offer about 700 pieces in a wide range of sizes that span from ancient art to art of the early 20th century, and we are constantly reintroducing to the Collection once-lost Caproni pieces.


We’re more than a store; we’re an historic collection

The Caproni Collection uses many of the original castings made by P.P. Caproni and Brother over 100 years ago to create our reproductions. Combine this collection with the same old-world traditions of cast-making, and every Caproni reproduction is a true work of art. Our uniquely-crafted recreations will add timeless grace and beauty to any room. The ability to reproduce a great work brings art within reach of anyone who truly wishes to possess, or to give to another, one of the world's masterpieces.


We’re continuing a living history through craft

On a mission to preserve and continue the important traditions passed down from Pietro Caproni, owners Robert and Kathleen Shure train their craftsmen, who are artists in their own right, to hand-cast and custom-finish each piece to recreate the feeling of the original itself.

Pietro Caproni’s molding and casting methods have survived as his fine sense of artistry was carefully passed down to the hands of his successors. The Caproni Collection integrates these trade secrets with extensive knowledge of modern materials. Our plaster copies are exceptionally close in detail and form to the original sculptures, since Pietro made piece molds off of these sculptures directly – which is unheard of today! and created plaster casts. These now-antique casts comprise the majority of our official collection. Whenever we need to renew a mold, we mold off the casts in this collection so that our reproductions are always as true to the original artwork as possible.

Our casts are purchased by school and university art departments, art students, interior designers, museums, and collectors. We take pride in our history and in the quality of the casts we produce.


"The quality of a plaster cast reproduction is of the greatest importance. In an original art work of merit there is a subtleness of treatment, a certain feeling, which if lost in reproducing, places the reproduction outside of what can be classed as a work of art.” ~ P.P. Caproni and Brother, 1902, 1909, and 1911 catalogs


"The quality of a reproduction is of the greatest importance. In an original work of merit there is a subtleness of treatment - a certain feeling which, if captured in reproduction, places the finished piece within the realm of art itself." ~ Lino Giust, 1976 Giust Gallery catalog


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