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The blog is a place you can visit to learn and be inspired by over 100 years of history and techniques relating to the Caproni Collection. If there are any topics you are interested in, feel free to let us know.

Recent Posts

  • As good as new: Restoring a plaster bust of Beethoven

    May 02 2019

    Did you know we regularly perform restorations of sculpture? We can restore your antique Caproni plaster cast, your bronze heirloom, your...

  • Frozen Moments in Art

    Apr 19 2019

    Empty pedestals stood alone while windswept marble drapery and painted smiles were laboriously and carefully transported. This was Paris ...

  • Fool the Eye!

    Apr 01 2019

    Happy April Fools’ Day! We are not here to fool you, we promise—but we can fool your eye! Have you taken a look at the different patinas ...

  • Happy Birthday, Houdon!

    Mar 20 2019

    Louis-Léopold Boilly’s painting of Jean-Antoine Houdon (March 20, 1741 - July 15, 1828) in his studio 278...

  • Art in Heaven

    Mar 04 2019

    From their start, P.P. Caproni and Brother organized their collection - both in the showroom and in the catalogs - into different...