Strength and Beauty: Four New Pieces

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We're excited to welcome four new pieces into our collection! They were part of the original Caproni Collection many years ago, and we recently re-acquired them. 

That means we can make plaster reproductions of them once again for you!

In time for Women's History Month in which we celebrate women's contributions to history and society, these pieces from ancient Greece and Rome all depict women. From the dreamy Tanagra Figurine to the commanding bust of goddess Demeter, these sculptures represent some of the ways both common and god-like women have been portrayed in art. 

photo of white plaster cast of ancient relief sculpture of female head with headpiece and covering against dark gray background
With downcast eyes on a serene face, this is a beautiful portrayal of feminine beauty. Her hair is adorned with a multi piece headpiece and draped by cloth at the back.
photo of white plaster cast of ancient sculpture of female head with curls and wrap, namely Demeter, on socle base on dark gray background
In the full-length sculpture from which this bust was cast, the goddess of agriculture and fertility sits on a throne. The modest, matronly figure casts a regal air.
photo of plaster cast sculpture of female half nude with pink robes seated and holding a mask, set against gray background
This partially nude female reclines in her seat and holds in her left hand a mask of a bearded male. Tanagra Figurines were mass-produced during the Hellenistic period of Ancient Greece. Although they featured mortal men and children as well, the majority were fashionable women who sometimes held a fan, vase, or other object. 
photo of white plaster cast of ancient sculpture of head, namely Omphale or Hercules, wearing Nemean lion skin against dark gray background
Some artistic depictions of Omphale, the queen of Lydia, show her wearing Hercules's clothes or the Nemean lion skin, as in this mask. The myth of the queen and hero, in which they become lovers, notes that they wore each other's clothes. The mask may actually be a depiction of Hercules.


We love how these pieces from antiquity give us a glimpse of women from the past. Women have come a long way in culture and society, but we enjoy seeing the strength and beauty of our predecessors. We hope you enjoy them, too.

Warm regards,
Kayla and Lisa

P.S. If you're interested in art depicting modern women, check out our busts of Rosa Parks, Pauline BonaparteMadame de Pompadour, and Madame Juliette Récamier!


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