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We are thrilled to announce a significant milestone at the Caproni Collection that we've been eagerly working on behind the scenes – the expansion of our product line to include stunning bronze sculptures!

As a passionate team dedicated to bringing timeless beauty into your homes and spaces, we are excited to introduce this new chapter in our journey. Building upon our foundation of excellence in crafting plaster sculpture reproductions, we have meticulously selected thirteen of our most beloved designs to be cast in bronze.

photo of bronze reproduction of a shield with intricate relief sculpture set against black background

For this project, we are collaborating with a local fine art foundry. The team has years of experience with fine art metal casting and is bringing its expertise to this exciting project.

Bronze sculpture has a rich history dating back centuries, revered for its durability, elegance, and ability to capture intricate details. By offering our sculptures in bronze, we are providing you with an opportunity to bring a touch of classical sophistication and enduring artistry into your surroundings.

Each bronze reproduction undergoes a meticulous casting process, ensuring that every detail of the original plaster sculpture is faithfully preserved. From the delicate contours to the subtle textures, the foundry artisans pour their expertise and passion into every piece, resulting in timeless works of art that will be cherished for generations to come.

Whether adorning your living room, office, garden, or public space, these bronze sculptures are sure to make a captivating statement and evoke a sense of awe and admiration.

We invite you to explore our new Bronze Collection on our website, where you can browse through the curated selection, learn more about the casting process, and envision how these exquisite pieces can elevate your space.

Thank you for embarking on this exciting journey with us as we expand our offerings to encompass the timeless beauty of bronze sculpture. We look forward to seeing how these exquisite pieces enrich your lives and spaces.

Warm regards,
Robert, Lisa, and Kayla

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