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How we make a Caproni sculptural reproduction:


Separate all mold pieces.

Apply a mold-release to the surface of the mold.

Close and secure the mold.

Mix gypsum plaster and water. Casts require multiple layers of plaster to form the required thickness. The last layer is reinforced with burlap fibers or metal pipe. The individual piece and design of the mold determines the method of casting.

One of the Caproni Collection's master casters individually casts the piece. All Caproni Collection master casters have years of training and experience.

The cast is de-molded after curing (time depends on size and design of mold).

The plaster cast is hand-trimmed to maintain and recreate the accuracy of the original form and details.

The cast is dried and cured in the climate-controlled drying room to remove all moisture.

Once dry, the cast is hand-finished by highly-experienced artisans in the new owner's desired patina.

Before shipping, the plaster cast is inspected and carefully packed to ensure safe arrival.