Small Sculptures in Small Spaces

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Michelangelo said, “The true work of art is but a shadow of the divine perfection.” As stewards of reproductions of many great works of art, we feel close to divine perfection every day when we step into our gallery. The piece doesn't have to be large to make an impact, and we love when our smaller pieces find treasured homes. Below we share some small “shadows of divine perfection” in small spaces. 

Image of faux bronze plaster oval medallion of Hercules carrying a boar in a wooden frame with gold trim on a white backround
Hercules Carrying Boar - Item #506
Though this piece can be hung directly on the wall, it fits beautifully inside a frame as well. The warm tones of the wood and gold highlights complement our bronze patina.
Baby Arm - Item #602
This wall piece can also be a precious desktop reminder of a beloved baby in the family. Just don’t try to type with those chubby fingers!
Renaissance Bracket - Item #212
This shadowbox is a creative way to “hang” the wall bracket, allowing the viewer to see it from a different angle than usual.
Tanagra Figurine, Seated - Item #813
This cabinet and key holder houses one of our Tanagra figurines in a terra cotta patina. We love the Asian design of the cabinet juxtaposed against the ancient Greek sculpture.
Half Column 2 - Item #331
This mini column, split in half, is nestled neatly in a corner of a bookshelf.
Infant Bacchus - Item #240
Sometimes the best place to have a sculpture is simply in your hands.


We hope you enjoyed this selection of small pieces! We'd love to see your photos of small sculptures in small spaces! Email us at!

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