"The David in the Hall"

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Have you been to the Cast Courts in the Victoria and Albert Museum, London? They’re some of our favorite spaces to visit. Since the popularity of displaying casts in museums dwindled after the early 20th century, rooms such as these have became rare. Not only do we feel at home amongst the plaster faces, but it's one of the few places you can view a full-size reproduction of the David by Michelangelo. And the Cast Courts are only a small part of the beauty that is the V&A Museum!
So you can imagine how great it was for us to be selected to create a blog post for a series on the V&A website exploring the history of casts of Michelangelo's David! Our pieces have a long and sometimes mysterious history and it gave us an opportunity to tell part of their story.

Here is the post, "The David in the Hall -- Creating Casts of Michelangelo's David," written by our curator, Kayla Malouin!
Hope you enjoy!
-Robert, Kathy, Kayla, and Lisa


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