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The Giust Gallery | Caproni Collection | Kayla Malouin

Were also a collection. Caring for a collection of objects, whether public or private, is an important responsibility. In regards to this part of our work, the Giust Gallery was recently featured in BostonVoyager, a website about all things local! They interviewed me, Kayla, about how I came to be the Curator of the Caproni Collection at the Gallery which is located 30 minutes north of Boston. You can check it out here!

The Caproni Collection is made up of the plaster casts first created by P. P. Caproni & Brother at the turn of the 20th century. These casts were created via the molds they made right off of original sculptures around the world! This group of casts and molds may not always have been viewed as something to be preserved by its succession of owners, but starting with owner Lino Giust in the 1960s, it was considered so.

A few years after I started working at the Gallery, current owners Robert and Kathleen Shure tasked me with cataloging the collection for the first time in its history so there would be detailed records. In our collections management database, I can, for example, keep track of the locations of the casts in the building, the conditions of the casts, and all research on a cast and the original sculpture from which it was made. Collections management protects the objects and the information about them. It also not only aids the collection’s present stewards, but its future stewards.

It’s also great for you as you can learn more about the histories of the pieces. Have a question? Send us an email or give us a call!

I hope you’ll read this short article to learn more about me and the Giust Gallery!


The Giust Gallery | Caproni Collection | Kayla Malouin


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