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Anatomical & Figurative Sculpture for Artists Study

Study from our extensive collection of casts for artists. Great for drawing, painting and sculpture study. Accurate form. Fine detail. Standard Flat White patina or choice of finish. 


As an artist, wouldn't you want to study from the most anatomically correct casts available? The truth is, quality and accuracy really matter. Because the generation of our molds are the closest to the original copy available, and our casting techniques are world-class; the quality and accuracy of our casts are second to none.

Accurate Form


Fine Detail



"The Giust Gallery... is a real gem. When I arrived I was greeted warmly and taken on a tour of their studio. I was amazed at the bulk of there collection. One could tell that The Giust Gallery really took pride in the work. They took time with me to thoroughly explain each step of there working practices. Later they described a little about there history in the States and how they came to acquire all of these wonderful molds."

-Artist Brian MacNeil

"I received the torso yesterday in perfect condition... it looks beautiful. Thank you all for your quality work."

-Charles N.


Art Schools using Caproni Casts

Art schools and private artists from all over the world depend on our quality casts of feet, hands, torsos, full figures and even animals.