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Abraham Lincoln - Item #204

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31 Inches High x 23 Inches Wide

Max Bachmann (1862-1921) created two busts of Lincoln with the only difference being the presence of a beard on one of them. P.P. Caproni and Brother distributed copies of both busts widely around the turn of the 20th century. Public monuments combined the Bachmann busts on a body modeled after the Standing Lincoln sculpted by Augustus Saint-Gaudens (such as the one in Minneapolis, MN). P.P. Caproni and Brother offered copies of these statues as well (see page 40 of our 1911 catalog, found under History).

Bachmann was born in Germany and studied at the Royal Academy of Berlin, but was living and working in New York City by 1899 where he would remain for the rest of his life. He sculpted portraits, including those of Native Americans, and allegorical figures. Starting in 1896, he contributed political cartoon sculptures to Leslie's Weekly Illustrated. In 1899 Bachmann received a commission from Joseph Pulitzer to create allegorical figures of the seven continents for the Pulitzer building (later called the New York World Building) which was demolished in 1955.


Artist: Max Bachmann

Museum: Unknown

Time Period: Modern- 19th century-20th century

1911 Catalog ID # - 5395



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