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Abraham Lincoln - Item #44

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30 Inches High x 19 Inches Wide x 12 Inches Deep

Chicago-based sculptor Leonard Volk (1828-1895) created a life-mask of Lincoln in 1860 in preparation for a bust. He used it as the basis for several other busts as well, including this one. Perhaps made after Lincoln's assassination, it was likely the last version Volk designed. In the piece, Lincoln wears a toga to hark back to the politicians of ancient Rome, signifying his greatness as President. Volk decided to create two versions of the bust with one difference between them: the presence or absence of the beard. Purchasers could choose the bust that depicted the President in the way they remembered him most. Volk's mask of Lincoln was used by other artists for reference as well. The mask, as well as the one created by Clark Mills of Lincoln in 1865, have given us unmistakable records of the 16th president's face. 


Artist: Leonard Volk

Museum: Unknown

Time Period: Modern- 19th century

1911 Catalog ID # - 5448



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