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Abraham Lincoln - Item #51

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14 Inches High x 7 Inches Wide x 5.5 Inches Deep

Irish-born sculptor Martin Milmore (1844-1883) was based in Boston during his short career and life. He learned wood and stone carving from his older brother, Joseph, and then studied under Thomas Ball and became one of the most well-known sculptors in the area. After his death, his friend Daniel Chester French was chosen by the Milmores to create a memorial for him and Joseph at their grave, and it was entitled Death and the Sculptor.

Among Milton's impressive works are the three figures of goddesses made for the Horticultural Hall in Boston (now on display at Elm Bank Horticulture Center in Wellesley and Dover, Massachusetts), the Roxbury Soldiers' Memorial in Forest Hill Cemetery in the Jamaica Plain neighborhood of Boston, the American Sphinx in Mount Auburn Cemetery in Cambridge which he created with Joseph, and the famed Soldiers' and Sailors' Monument on the Boston Common. Milmore also created several busts of political figures, and he sold copies of several in Parianware which was a popular and inexpensive medium for reproductions at the time. One such bust was this one of Abraham Lincoln. The whereabouts of the original are unknown.


Artist: Martin Milmore

Time Period: Modern- 19th century

1911 Catalog ID # - 6280



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