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Cicero - Item #127

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18 Inches High x 12 Inches Wide x 10 Inches Deep

It is unknown whether this head is indeed a portrait of Cicero. The Uffizi Gallery and scholars identified it as such for a time, and then thought it was a portrait of Corbulone, a general under Emperor Claudius. The Uffizi has since entitled it "Bust with head of unknown." It is a portrait in the Roman Republican style, which used verism (a form of realism) to depict the subject. Several variations of a bust have been added to the head and its reproductions, such as this square version created by P.P. Caproni and Brother.


Museum: Uffizi Gallery, Florence, Italy

Time Period: Ancient Roman, second half of 1st century B.C.E.

1911 Catalog ID # - 4039



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