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Hercules and One of the Hours or Seasons - Item #410

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20.25 Inches High x 22.25 Inches Wide x 1.5 Inches Deep

The second panel in the two-panel relief of the "Marriage of Peleus and Thetis." Immortals and mortals alike were invited, all bearing gifts. The piece is known as one of the Campana reliefs, which were terracotta reliefs mass-produced by the Romans circa 50 BCE to 150 CE. When they were discovered centuries later, they became a part of the Campana collection, named after the 19th century Italian collector Giampietro Campana. His collection was comprised of ancient Greek and Roman art and artifacts, and he was the first to publish information on the reliefs. Today, many Italian museums and museums with Roman holdings own examples of the Campana reliefs. This relief was first offered as a plaster cast by P.P. Caproni & Bros. in 1894 with a companion piece which portrayed Peleus and Thetis.


Time Period: Ancient Roman, 50 B.C.E.-150 C.E.

1911 Catalog ID # - 7058