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Horse of Colleoni Bartolomeo- Piazza Colleoni - Item #782

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21 Inches High

This piece is a reduction of the horse in the equestrian statue of Bartolomeo Colleoni. Colleoni was a Condottiero (a hired military leader) of the Republic of Venice, and he bequeathed funds to Venice for an equestrian statue of himself to be created. While the figure is not a portrait of him, it instead represents Colleoni's character and skills as a military commander. The sculpture was unfinished at the time of Verrocchio's death in 1488, though he had completed the clay models of the figure and horse. Verrocchio assigned his pupil Lorenzo di Credi the task of completing the statue in his will, but in 1490 the Venetian state passed the responsibility of completing the monument to Alessandro Leopardi who also designed the base of the monument.


Artist: Andrea del Verrocchio

Museum/Location: Campo di Santi Giovanni e Paolo, Venice

Origin: Campo di Santi Giovanni e Paolo, Venice

Time Period: Renaissance, c. 1480s-1490s



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