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Spring - The Four Seasons - Item #37

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30 Inches High x 30 Inches Wide

Also known as Childhood, this piece is part of the Four Seasons 30 inch diameter set. Eugène Plon described the scene as follows: "A young girl, nude, half seated upon a bank, takes flowers from a boy and weaves them into a garland. On her left, a tambourine leans against a basket covered with wreaths. A little child, entirely naked, stretches out his hand to offer a bouquet."


Artist: Bertel Thorvaldsen

Museum: Thorvaldsens Museum, Copenhagen

Time Period: Neoclassical, 1836



"Explore the Collections" feature. Thorvaldsens Museum. Inventory numbers A638, A642, and A910.

Plon, Eugène. Thorvaldsen: His Life and Works. Boston, 1873. Pp. 301. Internet Archive,