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The Nymphs - Item #315

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37 Inches High x 26 Inches Wide x 3 Inches Deep

A series of reliefs were found in the ruins of what is known as the Passage of the Theoroi. The Passage was located in the ancient agora (a public marketplace) in the city of Thasos (modern-day Limenas) on the Greek island of the same name. In the northeast corner of the agora was an altar featuring reliefs of figures walking toward it. On the east wall, facing the non-extant altar in two groups, were Hermes followed by a female (who may be Hekate) and the Graces. On the west wall, facing a carved niche again in two groups, were Apollo being crowned by a female (possibly Artemis) and nymphs, who are nature deities. This fragment features the three nymphs who bring offerings.


Artist: Unknown

Museum: Louvre Museum, Paris

Origin: Passage of the Theoroi, Thasos (city), Thasos, Greece

Time Period: Ancient Greek, c. 480-465 BCE

1911 Catalog ID # - 6955A (fragment)



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