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We know you love art as much as we do, especially when you can enjoy it in your own home, studio, classroom, or office. This Valentine's Day we wanted to share some heartfelt words of appreciation from both the early days of the Caproni company and contemporary emails. We named them the “Caproni Love Letters” when reading them together at the gallery. That’s because they’re from art-lovers all over the world. We’ve gathered our favorites and created this blog post. We hope you enjoy reading the letters below!

If you have some words you’d like to share with us, be it testimonials, questions, etc., feel free to email us or comment below! If you’ve bought from us on Amazon, we’d love if you could rate and review us there, too!


          I received the Athena—absolutely beautiful! Fantastic work.David D., Pennsylvania

          This place is a real gem. When I arrived I was greeted warmly and taken on a tour of their studio. I was amazed at the bulk of their collection. One could tell that The Giust Gallery [now the Caproni Collection] really took pride in the work. They took time with me to thoroughly explain each step of their working practices. Later they described a little about their history in the States and how they came to acquire all of these wonderful molds. - Brian M., artist, Massachusetts 

          Gentlemen: To my thinking, one of the most important influences that we can bring to bear upon the pupils of a High School is that of first-rate reproductions of noble works of art. In our school we have gone very slowly in this matter, but we feel that for this reason the choice has been exercised all the more carefully. Recently we purchased several slabs of the Elgin Marbles. These have been placed over the entrance to a corridor, which gives just the temple-like effect needed to bring out the full beauty of the beautiful figures portrayed by Phidias.

          A school is composed, if it is a genuine school, of at least three things - scholarship, taste and real leadership. A spirit of development must animate each one of these, and taste will be shown by the gradual accumulation of beautiful decorations.

Very truly yours,

(signed) J. Remsen Bishop, Principal

Eastern High School, Detroit, Michigan

(Letter featured in the 1914 Caproni supplemental catalog)

          Gentlemen: The casts arrived in good condition and their fine technique is much admired. It will be a great advertisement to you to have them here as such good work will commend itself to all. Several of the artists here have already asked your address. Send a catalogue to me the moment it is out as I hope to order more.

(signed) Mrs. Hannah J. Carter, Director Art Department

Drexel Institute of Art and Industry, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

(Letter featured in the 1902 Caproni catalog, Art for Schools)

          I wanted to send you a note to thank you for the beautiful Beethoven bust you made for me. Beautiful craftsmanship and a joy for the family to look at every day!Christian R., Denmark

          My order just arrived in perfect condition and in excellent is beautiful and everything I expected it to be.William C., North Carolina

          Gentlemen: Is your new catalogue ready? A person writes me from the Throop Polytechnic Institute at Pasadena, California, and asks if I will order about $75 worth of casts. I believe you are furnishing the best casts in the country and I should prefer to place the order with you. The person wants the very best historic ornaments there are in the market for elementary students, the casts of apples, plums, etc., and perhaps a few of the best masks and heads; but the main collections should consist of the most useful ornaments.

(signed) W. S. Perry, Director Department of Art

Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, New York

(Letter featured in the 1902 Caproni catalog, Art for Schools)

          Gentlemen: I duly received your letter advising me that the casts I ordered from you had been shipped to my address and yesterday the same came to hand. All the casts I found to be in perfect condition and I desire to express to you my thanks for the manner in which you have carried out my order. The casts are beautiful works of art and they will be highly valued in this school. I particularly admire the Minerva. It will be a pleasure to me to order again from you if occasion arises and at all times strongly to recommend your firm when I have the opportunity to do so.

(signed) William Lobban, Classical Master

High School for Girls, Glasgow, Scotland

(Letter featured in the 1902 Caproni catalog, Art for Schools)

          You probably have no idea how important this is to me, to be able to get your beautiful casts into my school for my students in Australia. As you’re aware my atelier school is ARC Approved and it’s important to me to maintain the highest teaching standards for my students. This means having a good cast collection. It is difficult to do from Australia but with your help I’ll get there.Rob G., artist, Australia

          I just want to send a heartfelt message of gratitude! I absolutely adore the objects you’ve crafted, as do my students. Thanks again for your excellent craftsmanship and generosity. - Laura N., artist, Nebraska

          It looks absolutely wonderful! Your gallery did an amazing job with it. The coloration is great. I was extremely impressed by the overall workmanship and quality of the piece. Absolutely fantastic...and quite stunning! The packing of the piece was also terrific! Thank you so much!! It's a great pleasure working with you and your gallery. I'm so happy with the way everything turned out.Chris S., Arizona

          Dear Sirs: We are much interested in school decorations and should thank you for your special school catalogue. We have no other but Caproni casts in our building.

Very truly yours,

(signed) Emma J. Luebke, Principal

Tenth District School No. 4, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

(Letter featured in the 1914 Caproni supplemental catalog)

          Gentlemen: In the course of my lectures on literary interpretation which I deliver all over the country I take occasion to refer continually to the necessity of a general art training in connection with the study of literature. About a year ago I prepared a lecture for the high school students, in which I urged them to form an art league for the purpose of purchasing photographs, etchings, statuary, etc. This particular lecture is given gratis, and solely from my desire to stimulate art study in the high school. After these clubs are formed I am frequently called upon to recommend the firms who are selling the best examples of such art as would be useful in the schools. Heretofore I have refrained from recommending any particular firm or firms, for fear my motive would be misunderstood. As a result, I find the schools are in danger of making serious artistic blunders. I have determined, therefore, to take a definite stand in this matter, regardless of consequences.

          Will you, therefore, be kind enough to send me all material that may help me to determine the nature of your publications? In the second place, I should like to know the discount you allow to schools.

          In conclusion I beg to state that I have no purpose in this matter aside from my interest in art; that I desire no favors nor concessions. But I do wish to be in a position to recommend the best art works at the lowest rates.

(signed) S. H. Clark

The University of Chicago, Department of Public Speaking

(Letter featured in the 1902 Caproni catalog, Art for Schools)


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