Flutes, Heart Flutters, and Poetry

Posted by Robert Shure on

It’s the time of year that if you squint,
And tilt your head, you may catch a glimpse…
Of Cupids Dancing, five in a row,
Flutes and garlands held in tow.

The Ages of Love, from young to old,
Reach for an infant to coddle and hold.

They look into their little Cherub’s eyes,
To find the youth in their souls, and the world opens wide.

A Valentine's heart flutters like the motion of Cupid’s wings,
Bearing an abundance of grapes to bring…

To Venus de Melo, her head tilted to the side,
Her pose and drapery lovely and dignified.
Photo with black background of plaster cast of partially nude female and a black and tan book leaning against it

So this Valentine's Day there's true beauty to be seen,
Wishing you well, from Robert, Kayla, Lisa, and Kathleen.
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