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We did an experiment recently. When we started typing the phrase "why are hands" into a web search the first thing that came up was "why are hands so hard to draw"? How to draw or sculpt hands is a common question in the art world. Maybe it's the anatomy; muscles intersect with ligaments, bones, and joints, and proportions don't always follow an exact formula. Maybe it's that everyone's hand has a distinct shape and personality, or that hands can show just as much emotion as a face or body. 

Whatever the difficulties an individual artist may face, we find a beautifully depicted hand inspiring. We are happy to have twelve hands in our collection, covering a variety of ages and styles. Some are from life and make great references for artists at any skill level, while others are sculpture masterpieces. We thought we'd share our humble collection with you to enjoy!

photo of plaster cast of baby hand on low panel with gray background

Warm regards,
Robert, Kathleen, Kayla, and Lisa


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