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Same classic pieces, brand new year

Posted on January 05 2018

Happy New Year! Whatever time zone you're in, it's 2018 by now. The years can go by but the beauty of timeless art always remains. We hope 2018 brings you lots of joy and beauty.

We thought we'd share a few highlights from 2017 in case you missed them!
In Touch With Art
We shared our love of handheld art--and the fact that you can touch reproductions!--in this newsletter featuring the skull, among other items.
 We talked about being selected to create a blog post for a series on the Victoria & Albert Museum website exploring the history of casts of Michelangelo's David!

It’s what’s above the couch that matters
We talked about how what's above the furniture—on the walls, on a table—is what matters, featuring childhood memories of the Dying Lioness.

We plan on continuing to share content for you to enjoy in 2018. Feel free to reply and share what you would be interested in hearing about! Also, you can forward this to a friend who you think would like to subscribe!

Cheers to a Happy New Year!
Robert, Kathy, Kayla, and Lisa
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