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We’ve compiled a list of great gifts for the draftsperson in your life, so you can get more creative than the usual sketchbook. Some are practical, others are more whimsical, and all are currently under $70.


Staedtler Retractable Triangular Eraser

photo of Staedtler Retractable Triangular Eraser in blue

From BLICK Art Materials

We all make mistakes, and artists are no exception. Some artists also use erasers to smudge and draw in highlights. This easy-to-hold eraser is a perfect choice for those who want to do fine mark-making and error-correcting.


Leather A5 Sketchbook Cover

photo of Leather A5 Sketchbook Cover in green, opened, with a sketch of a face on paper


This handmade leather pencil and sketchbook case is available in several colors. It’s perfect for the artist on the go, and is a work of art in itself!


Draw, Paint, Create Artist Tote Bag

photo of Draw, Paint, Create Artist Tote Bag in black with simplified art tools and words in white


Whether the artist in your life likes to work en plein air or needs to tote all their stuff to work or class, this bag will inspire them to keep the creative juices flowing!


Pigma® Micron® Markers

photo of six tan Pigma® Micron® Markers lined up

From BLICK Art Materials

For archival-quality, smooth and precise lines, many of the artists we know prefer these markers above all others. If you need more convincing, check out #pigmamicron on Instagram for over 300,000 beautiful posts!


Angled Colored Marker Holder

photo of wooden, cylindrical angled Colored Marker Holder with one cup filled with markers


Of course, artists also need a place to store their pens. They can recycle the old coffee tin they have been using, and trade it in for this elegantly-designed, wooden pen holder that is cleverly angled so that they’re not digging for that specific pen or pencil.


MISULOVE 42 Assorted Watercolors Field Sketch Set

photo of MISULOVE 42 Assorted Watercolors Field Sketch Set fanned out


Many artists appreciate the portability of sketching, and this watercolor set allows them to add color and shading on the go as well. The brush is filled with water, and there is a pad to clean it between colors, eliminating the setup and breakdown of traditional watercolors.


I Draw Stuff, Shirt for Artists

photo of folded I Draw Stuff, Shirt for Artists in gray with light blue monster-looking font on a wooden background


This handmade-to-order shirt is perfect for artists wanting to show their creativity or sense of style. From one artist to another, this cute gift will surely bring a smile to their face.


The Practice and Science of Drawing” book

photo of “The Practice and Science of Drawing” book with sketch on front cover and title and author on yellow and red blocks, respectively


Great for artists who are interested in self-study, this book is a classic in the subject of drawing. Though it was originally published in 1913, the teachings remain relevant today.


David’s Left Eye

photo of David’s Left Eye plaster cast sculpture in white


We would be remiss if we didn’t mention a classic from our collection, the left eye from Michelangelo’s David. It’s great for artists study because it’s larger than life-size, allowing the budding draftsperson to study the eye in detail. We offer all four features as a group and the right eye as well.


We hope you found a great present in the list above! Share your must-haves in the comments below!


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Lisa Benson


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  • FYI Harold Speed’s book is available in the Public Domain:

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