Hamilton Reduction: Half the Man He Used to Be

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The Caproni Collection (formerly the Giust Gallery) jumped into the future in 2018 when we 3D laser scanned our antique P.P. Caproni & Brother plaster cast of Ceracchi’s Alexander Hamilton bust in order to make a reduction. We have had several requests from our customers for a smaller bust of Hamilton, the figure who entered into popular culture thanks to the Broadway musical Hamilton.

photo with gray background of plaster cast bust of Alexander HamiltonThe new Hamilton Reduction #421

We have seen the level of accuracy the 3D laser scanning and printing process is able to achieve today, and we were excited to implement this new technology for this select piece. Working with Boston-based company 3D Printsmith LLC, we were thrilled with the outcome.

Known as the best likeness of Hamilton, our reduction shows the delicate waves of his hair, his unique profile, and the strap across his chest. It captures all of the details of our antique copy that was cast around 1901 to 1911 based on the hallmark embedded in its socle, or base. P.P. Caproni and Brother presumably made a mold of one of the original marbles by Italian sculptor Giuseppe Ceracchi between the company's opening in the late 1800s and 1901 when the bust was first offered for sale.

photo of large Alexander Hamilton bust beside a small one atop a black box on a wooden shelf
Hamilton #207 and Hamilton Reduction #421 in the workshop

So, take a look at our new Alexander Hamilton Reduction, and let us know what you think! 

All our best,
Robert, Kathleen, Lisa, and Kayla

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