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Since some of our favorite pieces showcase such feminine elegance and beauty, we thought they paired perfectly with the handiwork of Leiby's Flower Shop in Weston, MA. With Mother's Day coming soon, we are sharing these photos we took of our pieces at Leiby's. Maybe the art and flowers will inspire an idea for that special woman in your life.

Timeless Beauty

A spring basket featuring roses and tulips offsets two of our Tanagra Figurines:  one Arranging Garments and another Arranging Hair. The Figurines were found in excavating the ancient City of Tanagra, from which they derive the name. The originals are of terracotta. You can order them in the colors pictured or in any of our other patina choices. We have several available that are not pictured!

A Perfect Centerpiece

Complete with cupids, garlands, acanthus leaves and other delightful surprises, the flora on these candlesticks complements a Spring centerpiece!

A Floral Aroma

This bust of an Elegant Woman, possibly from the 18th century Rococo movement, appears to be breathing in the sweet aroma of the flowers.

Fit for a Goddess

Our Hebe, which we recently added to the collection, is pictured with Leiby's delicate orchids--you can't get more elegant than that!
We'd like to leave you with a quote by novelist Henry Fielding: "A truly elegant taste is generally accompanied with excellency of heart."

Have a wonderful Mother's Day and enjoy the elegance of Spring!
-Robert, Kathleen, Kayla, and Lisa
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