Here's to Life!

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“It is spring again. The earth is like a child that knows poems by heart.”
― Rainer Maria Rilke

The onset of Spring and the new life it brings may conjure up images of newborns and wedding celebrations. So, we wanted to say, here’s to life! Below are some of our suggestions for gifts for those wonderful occasions!

Sweet keepsakes for a new parent or grandparent

Baby Foot #607

Baby Hand 2 #142

Enjoy the thrill of a new baby with this scene

Ages of Love #507

Morning and Night are beautiful additions to a nursery

Morning #503 (9”)524 (12”) & 182 (36”)
Night #504 (9”)525 (12”) & 183 (36”)

A lovely decoration for a nursery or new home

Cupids with Garland #194

Equate a baby’s birth or a marriage to blossoming plant life

Acanthus #641

Elegant and functional decorations for newlyweds

Wall Bracket #110

Renaissance Bracket #212

Gothic Sconce #159 (13”) & 196 (28”)

From a larger artwork depicting a wedding, this piece hearkens back to weddings of the past

Hercules and One of the Hours or Seasons #410

Depictions of not only the four seasons but the stages of life as well

Set of Four Seasons #500 (5”) & 39 (30”) and the individual plaques
Happy celebrating!
Robert, Kathleen, Lisa, and Kayla

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