How to Hang Art in Your Home

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We realize it can be a big investment to purchase and hang a piece of art in your home or other personal space, and we’re here to give you a few quick tips and techniques to help make it easier. There are some special considerations to hanging sculpture that we detail below.


Placement considerations

When choosing a spot to hang your plaque, one of the first things you want to consider is color. Our pieces are offered in a variety of patinas, and we will gladly help you choose which unique tones will complement the other colors in your home, office, or studio. We love when our more muted patinas are paired with a strong background color, or alternatively, when our sculptures provide an accent, but there is no wrong answer.

Photo of 7 Round Plaster Cast Relief Sculptures on a blue wall above a desk with a vase and pink flower
When placing your piece, you can keep in mind that galleries and museums often hang pictures at 57 inches high (in the center of the object), which is the average human eye level. This can be more of a guideline rather than a rule for your unique space, however. 


Testing it out visually

We suggest you enlist a few friends to help hold the piece up to the wall so you can see what appeals to you. Alternatively, if it’s easier or you are hanging multiple pieces, you can lay the plaque down on a sheet of paper and trace its outline for a template. If the relief is more three-dimensional than flat, now is the time to ensure that it won’t protrude into the space in an inconvenient way. 

Photo of a plaster Cast of a nude man and woman and two cupids over an unmade bed in a modern bedroom

Hardware and hanging 

Once you’ve placed your artwork, you can mark with pencil on the wall where the hooks will be.
Depending on the wall surface, you will need different types of hardware to hang your piece. For drywall on wood studs you can try to line the hooks up with the studs. We space our hooks 16” apart, which is the stud placement standard, and if you are able to utilize a stud you can drill screws directly into it. If the piece must be offset from the studs, any standard hollow wall fastener, such as a molly or plastic insert, can be used.


Photo of Plaster Cast of Griffin on a brick wall in a chic restaurant with a bar, table, and skis leaning against the wall

For stone or brick walls, we recommend using led anchors or expandable anchors and screws to secure the piece.
For the smaller wall plaques, you can simply use a small picture hanger or small nail. All our reliefs and wall plaques can be hung with standard hardware that is available at your local hardware store. 


We’d love to see it!

Once you hang your art, be sure to send us a photo!

If you're looking for the perfect piece to hang, take a look at our wall plaquesreliefsmasks and more!
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