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A lot of our customers find us because of their love of history. If this is you, you may have been seeking out a portrait of a great politician, writer, or philosopher, a Renaissance masterpiece, or perhaps one of our Classical Greek or Roman busts and figures. You also appreciate artistic mastery, aesthetic beauty, and sculptural tradition

It’s no surprise then that many of our fans are also fans of the Hamilton musical. Though the show features modern music styles (we can’t stop tapping our feet since we saw it in person!), the story depicts an important character from American history as well as his contemporaries. For those seeking a souvenir, some fans want something different than a T-shirt or a mug, so we’ve compiled a list of more eclectic gifts.


1. Alexander Hamilton by Ron Chernow

Photo of antique yellow book cover with portrait of man and logo of Hamilton musical


This is the book that inspired the musical, and many of our customers who have bought our full-sized bust of Hamilton cite their love of this book.


2. Portrait with Lyrics

Tan poster with black silhouette of head with lyrics inside and bust finished with blue, tan, and white clothing, and lyrics at bottom of poster

From Amazon

Recall your favorite lyrics with this amazing graphic, available in numerous sizes. 


3. Writer’s Necklace

Photo of gold round necklace with lyrics and quill in black

From Etsy

Literary-focused fans will appreciate this hand-crafted inspiration to keep writing with a quote from the musical!


4. Wine Glass

Photo of stemless wine glass with decal of gold star with lyrics in black

From Etsy

Enjoy your wine or any beverage with the toast on this glass!


5. Hamilton Bust Reduction

A small sculpture looks good in any room, especially when it’s a stately portrait. This 10” high bust is a reduction of the famous life-sized bust of Alexander, hand-made by yours truly. 
If you can't get enough of Alexander, we also offer the life-sized bust from which we created the reduction.

Photo of woman holding up a patchwork quilt on a porch

From Nori Store

You can show your fandom while keeping warm or decorating your bed or sofa with this colorful quilt featuring lyrics from the musical.


8. Passport Wallet

Photo of one side of brown leather passport wallet with lyrics, quill, and logos in black


Bring a piece of Hamilton with you wherever you go with this passport wallet. One side has a 1909 map of Manhattan and the other has a quill and a quote from the musical.


9. Art Prints

photo of four black frames with prints inside featuring large black text and symbols on dictionary pages

From Etsy

This beautiful set of quotes with dictionary pages as a backing makes for a modern and elegant display. The prints can also be purchased separately. 


10. Quill Pen Mug

Photo of white mug with square artwork featuring a red quill pen in a black inkwellFrom CafePress

We know we said this list is for those looking for something more unique than a mug, but we couldn’t pass up this really beautiful quill pen graphic! 


11. Poetry Pillow Cover

Photo of off-white pillow with rows of lyrics in black leaning against a white wall and on a white bed

From Etsy

Add a touch of Hamilton to your couch or bed with this pillow cover featuring several lyrics.


Hopefully you found some inspiration from this list, and perhaps you made a few purchases! Do you have a favorite Alexander Hamilton item? Share your find in the comments!

Warm regards,
Lisa and Kayla 

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