Movements of Felines and Canines

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Have you ever closely watched the way a feline or canine moves, such as the slow stalk of a tiger or the run of a wolf? Have you observed the way they position their limbs to sit or lay down? Like people, their body language can give clues to their mood and state of mind. 

The bodies and movements of cats and dogs, like humans, are beautiful, but so different from ours. Some of the sculptors featured in our antique collection have captured moments of these creatures in motion or relaxation, and below you’ll find some of our favorites. Several of the artists were animaliers in 19th century France when the art of depicting animals in painting and sculpture came into vogue. 

Photo of Original Caproni Cast of a Plaster Cat Sculpture with a grey/black background

With very few details, 20th-century sculptor Alice Decker captured the peaceful countenance of a kitten at rest with paws tucked and eyes closed. Lisa's tabby sleeps like this on her pillow at night!

Photo of plaster cast of original Caproni sculpture of a small  lion crouching on a black background

This lion is truly menacing. His rear right leg is stretched out, about to take another step. Isidore Bonheur was one of the animaliers mentioned above.

Photo of original plaster Caproni cast of a tiger devouring a crocodile on a black background

Quite the scene, you can see the muscles in the tiger’s upper body as it attacks its prey. Antoine-Louis Barye was another leading animalier.


Photo of an original Caproni plaster cast of a walking lion on a black background

The upper body of this lion is slightly reaching forward as he roars. This is another piece by Antoine-Louis Barye.


Dog - Item #675

photo of plaster cast sculpture of dog walking on ground on a black background

This dog is perhaps hunting and has turned its head the air. Pierre-Jules Mene was another leading animalier.

Photo of a plaster cast original Caproni sculpture of a portrait head of a pointer dog on a black background

This anthropomorphic portrait of a pointer shows depth and emotion in the expression and eyes. The details of its creation remain a mystery to us.


Sleeping Dog - Item #795

Photo of a Caproni Plaster cast original sculpture of a sleeping dog with it's head against a log on a black background

Although its eyes may in fact be open, this furry canine at the least relaxes against a tree stump. Its posture reminds Kayla of her own dog!

The pieces listed above are small sculptures and make great desktop and coffee table decorations. For a complete list of all the felines and canines in our collection, from in-the-round sculptures to details in larger reliefs, check out the Feline and Canine collections. We'll be reintroducing more animal sculptures to the Caproni Collection in the future, so be sure to revisit these lists!

Warm regards,

Kayla and Lisa

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