Masks to Die For

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One thing we love about sharing our collection with you is how the seasons inspire us to look at our pieces in a unique way. As you know, Halloween is upon us with candy and parties, costumes and masks. Speaking of masks, there is another kind of mask that’s not so scary - a plaster cast! Our collection of masks, which are heads not fully in the round, have proven to be great casts for artist’s study and for unique wall pieces.

The latest mask to join our collection was taken from the bust of General Lafayette just last month. Two masks we made recently are the Joan of Arc Mask #252 and the Henry Wadsworth Longfellow Mask #253.


photo with gray background of plaster cast of male head with neckerchief
photo of plaster cast of man's head on gray background


To create these masks, we placed our antique cast on a work table and coated the front part of the head in silicone molding rubber. After the rubber set, we covered it with plaster, which completed the mold. The hardened plaster maintains the shape of the rubber. After setting, we removed the mold from the antique cast, giving us a negative of the face. Then we poured plaster into the mold, let it dry, removed the plaster shell, and peeled off the rubber. Creativity entered the process next, because we worked on the cast and other pours until we were pleased with the outline and with the front view of the mask when hung on a wall at eye level. Finally, after a few days of working and waiting, we had a new mask!

Below is an assortment of just a few of the masks in our collection that you can enjoy not just on Halloween, but all year-round!

photo with black background of plaster cast of male head with headpiece

Antiochus III #60

Cherub #816

Diomede #803

Euripedes #804

photo of plaster cast of boy's head on black background
Little Boy #40

Nubian Head #650

Portrait of an Old Lady #311


Robert, Kathleen, Lisa, and Kayla


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