Reflections on Hamilton {Plus win a bust!}

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Here in Boston, social media is exploding with selfies of people and their playbills at the Boston Opera House for one of the biggest shows, making their friends jealous. The visit to our city of this constantly sold-out show is brief, lasting only until mid-November, and some patrons bought their tickets over a year ago. Even our new Hamilton bust has jumped on the selfie-train...

By the look of his smirk you'd think he was boasting! He was in "the room where it happened"!

Three of us were lucky enough to also be in the room where it happened, and we thought we'd share our reflections just for fun:

Lisa's Reflections on Hamilton:
"I found myself inspired by Alexander's character. The lyrics, 'I am not throwing away my shot,' can apply to so many goals and aspirations in life. He wasn't perfect, but he was passionate and wasn't afraid to work hard. I definitely look at our bust of Hamilton with more depth now that I know more about his story."

Robert's Reflections on Hamilton:
" Astonishing... Powerful... Engaging.... Enveloping... A Musical Masterpiece! "

Kathleen's Reflections on Hamilton:
"We bought tickets about one year in advance in anticipation of what we had heard was a phenomenal show and we were not disappointed -- the music, words, deeper meaning, costumes, insight into Hamilton the man and Revolutionary times, choreography, talent of the cast, stage sets, energy, and youthful enthusiasm were unparalleled to anything I’ve ever seen before. I think it’s a show with a fresh view of America’s history and a ray of hope for a better future where all can be anything they strive to be, like Hamilton."

We'd love to hear, if you are in a city that the musical is visiting, were you lucky enough to catch a performance? Are you planning on it any time soon? Post a selfie with a playbill of Hamilton and tag us on Facebook or Instagram for a chance to win our Hamilton bust reduction!* (Note, you need not have been able to see the show: be creative, print your own photo of a playbill, borrow someone else's, as long as your selfie contains a playbill you will be entered!) We will draw and announce a winner on Friday, November 30th! 

Robert, Kathleen, and Lisa


*Contest is for continental US residents only and only one winner will be chosen, at random. 

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