Tiny Universes in Plaster

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If you've ever visited the Collection at our showroom in Massachusetts, you know that our entryway is home to many of our wall plaques. Visitors pause upon entering, captivated by the tiny universes illustrated in plaster. Our arrangement has evolved over time and we recently decided to give it a refresh. Our curator, Kayla, led the project by selecting some of our favorite wall plaques. She composed the layout using paper silhouettes, and once it was "just" right, we hung them in their places.

Here are photos of the process:

Madame Pompadour oversees our handiwork

With half the plaques on the wall, we continued to mock up the positioning on the right side of the door. We realized after the fact that the Victoria and Albert Museum used a similar mock-up system for their newly renovated cast courts! Check it out here.

Work in progress...

And here we have (most) of the plaques hung!

And here's a panorama!



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