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Selection from Parthenon in Reduced Size - Item #818

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3.875 Inches High x 29.5 Inches Wide x .75 Inches Deep

Upon arriving in London in 1811 from Scotland and seeing Lord Elgin's collection of Parthenon sculptures, John Henning (1771-1851) asked Lord Elgin for permission to study them. The Scottish sculptor was one of the first artists to do so. Henning drew the reliefs and then sculpted miniatures of them in ivory but, disliking the outcome, instead carved negatives in slate from which plaster casts could be made. He spent 12 years drawing and sculpting the Parthenon and Phigalia (Bassae) friezes. His reproductions, at 1:20 scale, are extremely detailed copies of the original sculptures although at times he did take artistic license and sculpt missing elements. Henning's miniatures of the Parthenon friezes were offered for sale by the British Museum in boxed sets. Unfortunately, Henning could not copyright his detailed sculptures, and they were copied and sold by others.


Artist: John Henning

Museum: Examples of Henning's casts and molds are in the British Museum, London, and Paisley Museum, Paisley, Scotland

Origin: The Parthenon, Athens

Time Period: Modern, early 19th century

1913 Catalog ID # - 8059



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