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Bacchus, Jupiter, and a Bacchante come alive!

Posted on March 05 2018

The characters in the Caproni Collection often come alive upon investigation. In researching Bacchus (Roman) / Dionysus (Greek), we realized we have many of his family and friends in our collection.

Our Depictions of Bacchus:
For Bacchus, we have two small wall plaques – The Feast of Bacchus and Cherubs with Bull, both from a series of reliefs depicting the Feast of Bacchus by Da Bologna according to the old Caproni Catalogs – as well as an Infant Bacchus medallion. 

Bacchus’s Friends and Family in the Collection:
The connection to the god of agriculture, wine and fertility expands to many of our other pieces. For example, we have seven depictions of Jupiter (Roman) / Zeus (Greek), father of Bacchus, who sewed the unborn infant to his thigh and gave birth to him nine months later (now that's a dedicated dad!). Then of course there are the Bacchante (Roman) / Maenads (Greek), followers of Bacchus who would bring themselves to a frenzy by dancing and consuming wine, of which we have two depictions.

Below, See the Cast of Characters!
The top and bottom photos are the whimsical depictions of The Feast of Bacchus and Cherubs with Bull, respectively. Next is our Otricoli Zeus; this monumental portrait was discovered in the 18th century in the town of Orticoli in Umbria, Italy. After Zeus is an elegant relief of a Bacchante dancing. The original is in the Musei Capitolini, Rome. 

We hope you enjoy!
-Robert, Kathleen, Kayla, and Lisa




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