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For a limited time, we are offering a unique patina on three items!

Our Verdigris Patina is inspired by the green color that bronze, brass, and copper acquire after exposure to air over time. It gives our sculpture reproductions a weathered but rich look, and it complements both ornamental and figurative pieces.

closeup photo of plaster cast of ornamental verdigris color candlestick with gray background

One of the pieces you can purchase is the Leaf Mask #24. Attributed to Michelangelo, this “Green Man” looks wonderful in our Verdigris Patina. It would be a great piece to hang amongst other artifacts and oddities. 

photo of plaster cast sculpture reliefs on orange-brown wall, including verdigris-colored relief of moustached man's face made of leaves

 A decorative piece we are offering in this patina is perfect for the holiday dinner table. Our Candlestick #22 is a great conversation piece as guests can admire the intricate details such as sculpted garlands, cherubs, and floral ornamentation. From now until December 6, we are selling them for $80 each (reg. $120) in any patina! Use Code CANDLE80 at checkout!

photo of small table with patterned, white tablecloth, two verdigris-color plaster candlesticks with lit orange candles, colorful glass lamp, decorative bowls with pine cones and a Venetian mask, pillow with moose image, and on off-white wall behind, a tall, narrow shadow box with three silver portrait medallions on red background

We also wanted to highlight the human form with this unique patina, and have included our bust of Niccolo da Uzzano #179. This expressive face from the larger bust that’s found at the Bargello Museum in Florence is thought to be the first portrait since Classical antiquity that was made as an independent artwork. It is a perfect statement piece for modern classical or Italian-inspired decor.

photo of plaster cast sculpture bust of man, namely Niccolo da Uzzano, in verdigris patina next to plant with pink flowers in brown pot in front of a white marble wall and on a gray surface


The last day to order the Leaf Mask #24, the Candlestick #22 and Niccolo da Uzzano #179 in the Verdigris Patina is December 6

December 6 is also the last day to order items in time for holiday gifts! Once we receive your order, we hand cast your piece, finish it, and pack it up for shipment. So get your order in soon!

What do you think of our Verdigris Patina? Let us know by commenting on this post or on social media!

The Caproni team


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  • Thanks, Tripp! We’re glad you like it! We’re sending you an email to answer your questions.

    Kayla Fletcher
    Curator, Caproni Collection

    Kayla Fletcher on
  • Love this finish! Really beautiful. Could you do verdigris on any pieces in the collection, or just these three? (And would Dec. 6 be the deadline for any verdigris orders?). Am green with anticipation.

    Tripp Evans on

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