Would you eat a delicious meal in just 15 seconds?

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It’s going to be a great night. You’ve made reservations and put on your best outfit. The hostess greets you. You pair your choice of carefully prepared protein with a glass of something sparkly. Dinner has arrived.

You only have fifteen seconds to eat it.

The server comes and takes away your plate, the milky white china still left mostly covered with the kitchen’s handiwork. You could make a snap judgement if you liked it or not, but you didn’t have time to savor it.

This may seem ridiculous, but can actually describe the experience of visiting a museum. “Hurry up, it closes in 15 minutes and there are 100,000 works of art to see!" is how Clark Griswold in National Lampoon’s European Vacation sums up the feeling as his family tiredly ascends the steps of the Louvre. We have to make a conscious effort to relish the experience, rather than just sample a buffet of flavors.

We at the Giust Gallery / Caproni Collection also believe in the value of a well-made reproduction. When the object has a home in your space, you can truly digest its value. Though travel has become easier and the world is getting smaller, the Caproni brothers’ original mission—to make sculptures accessible and available outside of museums—still holds at our Gallery today.


We thought we’d share a few of our favorites from the Louvre:

photo of plaster cast sculpture of headless female figure with wings and drapery

Victory of Samothrace - 19" - Item #74
A reduction of the famous sculpture. Found on the island of Samothrace in 1863, this statue is a personification of Victory, or Nike in Greek. The grace and curves on this piece are beautiful from every angle. We offer her in three more sizes.
Recommended Patina: White Patina

Photo of plaster cast sculpture of seated Egyptian idol with sun disk atop head

Statuette of Idol - Item #321
This simple Egyptian piece has a certain charm that doesn’t go unnoticed.
Recommended Patina: Stone

photo of plaster cast of ancient female bust with black background
Diana Robing Bust - Item #408
The life-size statue is a Roman copy of a Greek original. It is also known as Diana of Gabii or Artemis of Gabii due to where it was discovered, and is attributed to Praxiteles. We love her hair and drapery juxtaposed with the smooth texture of her face and shoulders.
Recommended Patina: White Patina

That’s all for today. Savor it.

-Robert, Kathy, Kayla and Lisa


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