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A new school year has just begun, and drawing students have loaded up on fresh paper and new charcoal. If you’re looking to join them, there are many art schools and ateliers around the world, including ones that offer online courses. Many of them utilize our casts, and we are happy to provide the instructors with just what they’re looking for as they follow a long tradition of cast drawing. You can check out just a few of our clients here.

Our most popular casts used by schools include anatomical figures and parts of the body as well as captivating masks and intriguing busts. Highlighted below are some of them:

Giust Gallery | Cicero
Cicero #127
Although this portrait may not actually be of Cicero, the man depicted has unique characteristics for drawing purposes and offers a great surface for the effects of light and shadow.
Giust Gallery | Male, Anatomical
Male, Anatomical #640
This 10” high twisting torso provides artists with an understanding of anatomy in motion.
Giust Gallery | Old Man with Beard Mask
Old Man with Beard Mask #711
The masks in our collection, which can be hung on a wall, are perfect for drawing lessons, and offer a less-expensive option than an entire, in-the-round bust. This piece is popular due to the partially-open mouth, the flowing beard, and the hair.
Giust Gallery | Niccolo da Uzzano
Niccolo da Uzzano #179
This bust is a highly-individualized portrait with protruding cheekbones and moles, along with an expression featuring raised eyebrows and lifted eyes. What is he thinking?
Giust Gallery | Female Hand
Female Hand #610
The fine hand on the cloth-like surface provides a great juxtaposition of smoothness and texture, while the strength in its positioning makes for a nice study.
Giust Gallery | Anatomical Man No. 3
Anatomical Man No. 3 #625
The full-figure écorché by Houdon has been a popular study tool since its creation in the late 18th century. The figure is in contrapposto, and one arm is raised in a horizontal position.
Giust Gallery | David Full-Size Details
David Full-Size Details #150
The left eye, left ear, nose, and mouth from Michelangelo’s David are excellent casts for study as they allow students to focus on facial features individually and perfect their skills. These pieces are also sold separately.

Our company has been making these high-quality casts for over one hundred years. The founders wrote the following in the introduction to their “Art for Schools” catalog published in 1902: “A poor reproduction of a work of art should be avoided in the equipment of a school, just as much as poor literature.” Trust us to provide you with reproductions, and you’ll feel as if you’re drawing from the original sculpture. What better way to start the school year?

Best of luck to all you students and teachers!

-Robert, Kathy, Kayla and Lisa


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