Winter 2020 Featured Products for Decorating

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Each season we’re showcasing about 12 to 18 pieces for interior decorating. We choose the products according to a theme, style, or aesthetic. This winter, we’re inspired by ancient art from Greece, Rome, Egypt, and Assyria. As the Latin saying goes, "Ars longa, vita brevis." The skill and artistry outlives many generations to still be enjoyed today. Despite the originals' ages, they can fit into any decor seamlessly due to their strong compositions and timeless sculptural techniques. You can also choose the right patina to complement your space. The pieces in this collection vary in size, providing you with choices for the perfect accent or the main focus for your room.

photo of plaster cast sculpture relief of upper body of male with arm raised behind head and holding a hammer leaning against an encyclopedia series in a wooden bookshelf

Head of Man with Uplifted Hammer from Trajan's Column - Item #751

photo of plaster cast sculpture relief of two figures walking to the left, the male reaching out his right hand and the female behind him

Hermes and Hekate - Item #17

photo of cabin with glass-door wall, table and chairs with hanging lamp above, wood stove, and Victory of Samothrace plaster cast sculpture in the corner on a table

Victory of Samothrace 39" - Item #76

 photo of plaster cast relief fragment of man, namely the god Zeus, on a red-orange granite counter leaning against a stone bowl with a plant visible on its left and a vase of flowers on its right

Zeus and the Giants Fragment - Item #532

Photo of plaster cast sculpture of men on horses Parthenon Frieze on brick wall with table and chairs on right and bar on left, cropped

Parthenon Frieze, Southern XI - Item #755

  Photo of plaster cast sculpture of faux bronze faun head on wooden table with marble wall behind

Head of Faun - Item #91

Photo of plaster cast sculpture of ancient sculpture relief on a wooden wall

 King Ashurbanipal (Fragment) - Item #738

photo of plaster cast sculpture of bust of Nefertiti with crown and decorative collar on a decorative base with a black background

Nefertiti (Reduction) - Item #83


We hope these photos provide inspiration for your own home decorating! We enjoy seeing how you've displayed your Caproni casts, so share your photos with us via email or on social media!

Warm regards and best wishes for a Happy New Year,
The team at the Caproni Collection

P.S. View the Fall 2019 collection here and the blog post introducing these collections here.

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